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We're developing a number of helpful resources to empower your spiritual journey with Jesus the Christ.

Mountain Cliff Hiker

"Bible Engagement" AP-101

There are FOUR documents below

that are part of the introduction to the class. 

     (Description, Principles, Registration & Schedule.)

Please download all four of them.

PLUS: there are  weekly Bible readings, reflections

           (and later on: Video) that need your prompt


BIBLE ENGAGEMENT: Description, Schedule and Registration/Covenant

AP-101 Fall Schedule:

NOTE: Please download Registration/ Covenant (above) print, sign and tear off bottom Covenant Agreement for Rev. Terry.

AP-101 Weekly Assignments

Saving Grace

A great seven week course to help each and every participant to manage their money from a spiritual point of view.

Details are found here. 

Saving Grace Devotional _ Door hanging  copy_edited.png
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