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Kodomo No Ie Newsletter 

News from San Gabriel First UM Church

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Father and Son Playing

KNI Parents and Staff, you are invited...

   Kodomo No Ie has been a part of the First UMC San Gabriel and the Sage Granada Park UMC for over wonderful and loving 35 years. 

   In that time it has served hundreds upon hundreds of children and their family, surrounding them with grace, compassion and understanding.

   We are continuing that support and involvement by praying for each family and by having activities that will benefit those families.

   We believe in "Grace Based Parenting" that works to maximize God love in each and every family.

Please feel free to be part of any and all that we do.  

You BELONG here!


(616) 286-3111 (church)

626-286-4572 (KNI)



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