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Our commitment to help poverty farmers 
become self-sufficient. 


    For decades, the First UM Church of San Gabriel has been raising funds to help subsistence farmers around the world to get a "hand up" and not just a "hand out."

     We have found that the Heifer Project, started over 75 years ago in the midst of a world at war, is one the best ways to do that.  

      You are invited to join us in this effort of Unconditional Love.

Our Mission Committee hopes that you will help this Unique Mission Project of the wonderful gift of Animals and life.

• You can conveniently and safely give through our website donation page!

              (Donate Now Button)

• Or Please make you check (or give cash) to First UMC- San Gabriel  memo “For Heifer Project”. 

NOTE: When you make this a gift to others, you can use an appropriate Greeting Card and inscribe it with the message:

"In your honor, a gift of $____ was given to the Heifter Project to help a third world farming family. "

You'll be blessed, your "giftee" will be blessed and the third world farming family with be blessed!

Thank You!!!!

Through the Heifer Project International, we are able to give gifts of various donations to third world families around the world: 

One Cow        $500/each      (or buy a share at $50)

One Goat        $120/each      (or buy a share at $10)


One Sheep     $120/each      (or buy a share at $10)

20 Chicks        $20 per flock  (or buy a share at $1)

Alpacas, Water Wells, Tuition at a Girl's School and even Gift Cards are available!.

  Check out the Heifer Project Gift Catalogue

         for the latest in options for your giving. 

Heifer Proj Gift Catalogue.png
Farmers in field.jpg

In November:

Our Annual "Heifer Project" Sunday

Each year we have a "Heifer Project Party" on a Sunday morning in November.  

We invite everyone to come and take to us about the Heifer Project and our goal in raising funds for this very worthwhile service outreach.

We hope you can join us this year, Nov. 13 @ 10:30 am.  Come with your checkbook, cash or mobile device (to use our online giving here!

What are current Animals & Projects?

Alpacas, Bees, Heifers, Goats, Rabbits,
           Seedlings and Clean Water!

The Heifer Project uses the funds we raise and puts into the hands of susistence farmers animals suited for their geography.

Currently, we are focussing on Alpacas, Bees, Heifers, Goats, Rabbits, Seedlings and Clean Water.

As water levels continue to rise and shifting rain patterns cause floods and droughts, farmers are losing their crops. In most parts of the world, farmers can only grow two crops per year. Animals can provide a quick source of income to get families through an emergency period, making families more resilient.

Heifer Proj Break Poverty.jpg
family in field mom daughter.jpg

We help Global Warming

   and Excessive Consumerism too! 

By reducing waste and lowering demand for more "things" we are working for a more sustainable future.

How we live in our world and the things we use reflect the spiritual life we have chosen to live.  As "citizens of Heaven" (Phil 3:20) we realize that all around us God has created the "porch of heaven."  A foretaste of the perfection of love, joy and hope that God promises all of us.

We can be part of that heavenly living now by living as God wants us to live. 

Your Gift is a three way Christmas Gift!

FIRST: to the family in poverty
SECOND: to someone you know
                   who you wish to honor.
THIRE: to your heart as it grows in gratitude
              and the unconditional love
              of Jesus the Messiah.

african family with cow.jpg

When you come to our Fellowship Hall on Sunday, Nov. 13,

there will be tables will be set up with information about our animals.

And on those table will be opportunities to give in support of them.

What ever you can give will then join with others to buy shares of the animals you select.

Here's where the three-way giving comes in.

First:  You give to the the family a new life!  It's a gift of Hope, Joy and love from new friends from distant lands.

Second: You will get greeting card to give as a gift to friends and family members as your gift to them.

               (This is called an Alternate Gift for Christmas. It replaces typical gifts of "things" (often not needed) with 

                  the gift of life to a family.  It's truly a gift of love that keeps on giving for generations.)

Third: You heart receives the gift of gratitude and God's unconditional love for others in Jesus the Christ (the Messiah).

               What a deal!  And by giving such a gift of love, there's a natural opportunity about WHY you are giving such

               a wonderful gift.  So enjoy!  This kind of giving is right in so many ways.

Want to know more about the Heifer Project?  Click here.

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