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Saving Grace! Money Management Class

We believe in "Financial Well-Being."

That means management of our money with the Wisdom of God,

the Unconditional Love of Jesus and the Power of the Holy Spirit.


The Rev. John Wesley, founder of Methodism taught us to

          “First, ....gain all you can, and,

                   secondly all you can,

                            then ....give all you can.(Sermon 50 "The Use of Money").


For us, being a Spiritual Christian

  is not rules, duties and obligations

               that need to be followed.

       but how we live our everyday life with love and compassion.

This seven (7) week study will help us incorporate sound financial principles, take control of our finances, and help us grow into a life of spirituality and wholeness. 

The class is available for in-person as well as online participation. 

       (Zoom instructions will be available after you register.)

Class Description

• Saving Grace addresses you where you are in your career, lifestyle and experiences with money.  We understand that Financial well-being looks different for a salaried "9 to 5" individual versus one who works within the "gig economy" or someone who is self-employed.

• The class uses a workbook,  a devotional and worksheets that includes your current situation, budgeting of current and projected needs, forecasting the "what ifs", and tips for creating a spending plan with a variable income.  The more you complete the assignments, the more powerful becomes the class.

• Participants will come away with new friends, new understandings of how they handle money, new tips and tools to become better money managers, and a deep awareness of how their faith undergirds all that they do.

• Led the the Rev. Dr. Terry Van Hook, a clergy person with over 46 years of experience.


The cost of "Saving Grace"  is $40 a person (payable online or at first class),  

           and includes:

           * The individualized Saving Grace Workbook.  

                                                                       Members of the same household are encouraged

                                                                       to purchase their own workbook copy

                                                                       so it becomes personalized.

                                                                       (NOTE:  e-versions of the Personal workbook

                                                                       are available at and

           •  The Book of Saving Grace Daily Devotions.      

                                                                       This is a critical part of deepening your spirituality

                                                                       about money.

           •  The cost of the Saving Grace videos and streaming service.

                                                                       This makes them available 24/7.

           •  Creation and production of the weekly Saving Grace Worksheets

                                                                       for individualized use.

           • Scholarship are available.  Please Contact Rev. Terry at


Please read these instructions and expectations carefully.  

   There will only be seven weeks of class and numerous "Homework" handouts/downloads.

   The first 90 minute class is Wednesday, October 5 at 3 pm or 7 pm. 

Preparation for the class: 

•  Download the Papers found in the Introductory package HERE if you have not already received them.

             The handouts will be found on our RESOURCES page.  (Download them now.)

•  Read over and sign the Covenant (a holy agreement) about your participation in the class.

•  Download the "Amplify Media" app onto your phone, tablet or computer.

              •  Access the FUMC San Gabriel Account with the Code given to you by Rev. Terry.

                                       (Email him at if you need the code.)

 Expectations between Classes:

         A.  Class Attendance and participation

                 With only seven session, but sure to clear your calendar and make every session.

                 And if you bring thoughts and questions, participate in the discussion and offer ideas,

                        you will learn more than you every expected!


         B.   Homework: 

                  Each lesson will require a daily reading/devotional about spirituality and money

                  along with a personal worksheet that need not be shared.  Each member of the family

                  needs their own workbook, devotional book and worksheets.  After each lesson, they 

                  can then compare to see how alike or how different their expectations and ideas are.

         B.  Video: 

                   In addition to the written work of our workbooks,

                         there will be a video (length 10-15 minutes) to watch anytime during the week. 

                   It is highly suggested that you watch the next video early in the week

                         then again at the end of the week, paying attention to the key points the presenters make. 

         C. Daily Study, Scripture and Prayers.

•  Set aside 20-30 minutes each day .

•  Pray a prayer of preparation and the seeing of wisdom before you start,

                    and a prayer of Thanksgiving along with the Lord's prayer after you finish.

• If you wish, and a family member or friends is taking the class with you, 

                    share a prayer time with them and discuss what's insights you have gained.

Topics for the seven weeks:

• I. First week: Oct. 5, Course Introduction:

                  Registration, Materials and overview of the course.

                                Questions, expectations, hopes and dreams

• II.  Topics for the following six Weeks of studying "Saving Grace" include:

                  1. All manner of Good:   - Goals and Dreams for the year

                  2. Getting Started:   "Where does all the money go?"

                  3. Giving and Saving:    "Loving others, Loving self."

                  4. Debt:  "How did it get so much!"  ...and what to do about it.

                  5. Spending: Getting control of the money "leakage."

                  6. Make it a habit:  Adjusting, Evaluating, Changing.... (rinse and repeat!)  


                         Friendly Support for your Financial Success!           

Call Rev. Terry Van Hook

(661) 717-0162



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