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Bible Engagement AP-101

Also on ZOOM!  Ask for details

Our Bible Engagement AP-101 is a college level course that will challenge your and raise questions about your life and your hopes. 

Please read all the instructions below carefully and then prepare faithfully for each class.

The class is a gift to you.  There is no cost.  But if you should choose to not finish the course, a donation of $20 is expected of you to help cover the cost of the materials you have used. 

All this is a part of the deeper Unconditional Love of Jesus the Christ that we will be life transforming. 


    Please read these instructions and expectations carefully.  We're already started the "Gospel" Session found in the downloads below. The first Sunday was Aug. 28.

Preparation for the class: 

•  Download the Papers found in the Introductory package if you have not already received them.

             The handouts from last week are found on our RESOURCES page.  (Download them now.)

•  Read over and sign the Covenant (a holy agreement) about your participation in the class.

•  Download the "Amplify Media" app onto your phone, tablet or computer.

              •  Access the FUMC San Gabriel Account with the Code given to you by Rev. Terry.

                                       (email him at

 Expectations between Classes:

         A.  Homework: 

                  Each lesson will require a daily reading and prayer time.  

                  Your reflections on the scripture and the ideas in the scripture

                         will be part of the class discussion at the end of the week.

         B.  Video: 

                   In addition to the written "Journal" in your workbooks,

                         there will be a required video (length 6-8 minutes) to watch anytime during the week. 

                   It is highly suggested that you watch the next video early in the week

                         then again at the end of the week, paying attention to the key points the presenters make. 

         C. Daily Study, Scripture and Prayers.

•  Set aside 20-30 minutes each day for Reading the Scripture, the material

                     and journaling your insights.

•  Pray a prayer of preparation and the seeing of wisdom before you start,

                    and a prayer of Thanksgiving after you finish.

•  Pray the "Lord's Prayer" every day as you think and pray

                    about the other students in the class.


New Testament Topics for the fifteen weeks:

• I. Three Weeks of Introduction that will cover:

                  Jesus the Christ/Messiah and The Kingdom of God/Kingdom of Heaven

                  Contemplative Prayer and listening to God's word and whispers in your heart

                  Citizenship in the Kingdom of God/Kingdom of Heaven and Spiritual Gifts.

• II.  Twelve Weeks of studying the New Testament with the book: Disciple Fast Track.

                  The book will be provided for you at no cost unless you do not finish the course.

                  Then the cost of the books and videos ($20 per person) will be expected from you. 

"12 Weeks of the
Old Testament"
Starts Jan. 18 
@ 11:30 am

Call Rev. Terry Van Hook

(661) 717-0162



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