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Every Week a Holy Week, 
Every Day... 
a Resurrection Day!

(also known as Easter)

   As "Citizens of Heaven", we see everything through the Good News, the Gospel of Jesus the Christ, the Messiah. ("Christ" means "Messiah")

See Mk 1:14-15, Matt. 3:2-3, Luke 4:14-21, John 1:9-18

   Download the two gifts below and use one or both to deepen your spiritual life and your eternal connection with God.

   We believe that the resurrection and  the overcoming of death by Jesus the Messiah/the Christ was the crucial event in history that gifted us all with the real presence of God.  We no longer need to struggle to know God. God came to us!

   This is the "Good News" (the Gospel) that God has come into God's creation to be with each and everyone of us, and all creation!, in a way that is personal and universal at the same time.   

   In other words, Heaven is not just a future thing, but is a real and present reality as well. 

   We are all now invited to live on the "Porch of Heaven", in the very presence of the Holy Spirit, with the unconditional love of Jesus the Christ... it's everywhere, everything, all at once!

   We hope you download these gifts and take the time to let God's holy presence in Christ transform your life. Let every week become a Holy Week!

God is here for you!

We're here for you!

Resurrection Sunday Follow Up... 

     The Gift of Jesus the Christ, the Messiah challenges us to let God change us in ways that will surprise, heal and fill us with courage. 

      Here's a brief "post-resurrection Sunday" meditation sheet to help you live the power of the Resurrection each and every day after April 9.

      Download it!   It's great to start any day you need a boost in your Spiritual life. 

A Holy Week Spiritual Journey. 

     A week of Spiritual Disciplines is an opportunity to spend time with God, Jesus the Messiah (Christ)  and experience the transforming power of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

     Read Scripture, reflect and meditate on it, listen for God's voice and then acting in love, will fill our lives with the unconditional love of Christ.

     Give it a try and be transformed in you actions, attitudes, and relationships.

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